Left Right & Centre Live – 03/03/2011

Posted by Fran on Mar 6, 2011 in Free mp3

Noel, Ed, Trevor and John strut their stuff. Seventeen of the best, opening with a killer “Bring It On Home”.

“In years from now people will look back at these gigs and say something special happened here on Thursday nights…”

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Left Right & Centre Live – 24/02/2011

Posted by Fran on Feb 26, 2011 in Free mp3

The return of the four-piece…

With Trevor’s return from New York, we’re back to the four piece. Sixteen of the best this week. Read more…


Left Right & Centre Live – 17/02/2011

Posted by Fran on Feb 25, 2011 in Free mp3

One week late – better late than never. Trevor was still gallivanting in New York, so we got a three-piece trad blues session again.

Calling all Reviewers…

We would like to get a LRC selection from the tracks uploaded here. If you would like to contribute, it is as simple as listening to some tracks (download them to your mp3 player, mobile phone or – yuk – iPhone).
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Left Right & Centre Live – 10/02/2011

Posted by Fran on Feb 14, 2011 in Free mp3

This weeks gig was dedicated to the great Gary Moore.

With Trevor in New York,  we were back to the 3-piece again… and as usual more then ever the lads were shining. It’s hard to believe that it can get better, but week on week the lads leave us speechless.

It seems to me that we got a bit more crowd noise this week, but hey ho, it’s a live recording from a cracking bar and a cracking gig. Can’t keep happy punters down!

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Left Right & Centre Live – 03/02/2011

Posted by Fran on Feb 6, 2011 in Free mp3

Hot off the presses – 18 tracks of goodness. I’ve also fixed the tags of the MP3 files. Starting this week, each week now appears as a separate album. The files from previous weeks will be re-uploaded with fixed tags this week.

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Left Right & Centre Live – 27/01/2011

Posted by Fran on Jan 29, 2011 in Free mp3

…and then there were four…

Trevor returns to join the lads and we get our four piece back again.

Pop quiz: Name that tune! I don’t know if it is the pain killers for the back or wha’ but I’ve drawn a blank. Leave a comment please! (Thanks Harry.)

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Left Right & Centre Live – 20/01/2011

Posted by Fran on Jan 22, 2011 in Free mp3

The return of the three piece.

As Trevor took off to London, we were back to the original LRC line-up. This week we got 20 tracks (well 19 plus an impromptu Goodnight Sweetheart just for Tadhg).

This week’s highlights: A lovely bluesy rendition of Early One Morning and Hey Joe.

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Left Right & Centre Live – 13/01/2011

Posted by Fran on Jan 17, 2011 in Free mp3

Another complete gig – 17 tracks.

Recording level was set at 15. No clipping in tonight’s recordings, but I would prefer to see a slightly higher input level. Might try 16 next week. I was also happier with the microphone position too.

This week’s highlight: Mercy Mercy Me (dedicated to Paul Ashford who passed away the previous Monday) and an excellent showcase of Noel on the sticks and vocals with Eyesight to the Blind.

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Left Right & Centre Live – 06/01/2011

Posted by Fran on Jan 17, 2011 in Free mp3

Our first complete gig – 18 tracks of pure bluesy goodness!

I set the recording levels a little higher here (20 instead of 15 on previous recordings). This proved to be a little high, and there was some clipping. However I don’t think you would notice. The general consensus was that the lads hit the ground running after a 3 week break over Christmas and gave us one of the best gigs ever.

This week’s highlights: a first outing for Gloria (we think) and (at last) de auld reliable Wolly Bully.

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Left Right & Centre Live – 17/12/2010

Posted by Fran on Jan 17, 2011 in Free mp3

A much better outing for me, even though I only got the first 9 tracks (see the notes on the botched recording problem from the 25/11/2010 gig). Also I wasn’t 100% happy with the microphone position – I think it may have slipped prior to the gig starting (not enough masking tape)!

This highlights a problem with the Zoom: My high tech fixing solution is some ribbon and plenty of masking tape. When the Zoom is taped to the ceiling it is already recording, and I start drinking pints and forget about it. I have no way of monitoring recordings live, so if a recording is botched I only know when I get home. But what do you expect for €100!

This week’s highlights: Vampire (a Bap Kennedy song) and Mystery Train.

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