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Craft beers on Frank Ryans serving at the moment:

Galway hooker pale ale / Metal man pale ale / O’Hare red / O’Hare natural blond

This months special metal man chameleon is  solstice , which is a light wheat 4.5% with orange,lemon & coriander,dry finish,very refreshing.

We also serve large bottles of Guinness & Mcardle’s also frank ryans is well known for its creamy pints of guinness which is our local brewery only a stones throw across the liffy from Frank Ryans!


Interior Angle No.1

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Frank Ryans is a cinematic place, here’s the first example.

The guys on the white doors are the members of “27 club”, please just check out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/27_Club

The door arrangement:  Tadhg

The photo taken: Momò

The dog head monster: A character of Ulisse,  the myth late 1500s


Spotted By Locals – Frank Ryans makes 10 of the best in Europe

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In SpottedByLocals.com, Damien Byrne has us as one of Europe’s 10 rockin’ rock bars. Nothing we or our punters didn’t know already of course!

Thanks Damien.


Delta Creed play Frank Ryans

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Starting tonight, Delta Creed play Frank Ryans for a two week run

As usual no cover charge, so drop in for a pint/look/listen.


Welcome Home Boys!

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Tonight: Left, Right and Centre return after a looooong break.

Well our loss has been Donovans gain as they have been backing him on his current tour, but enough is enough – it’s time to bring the blues home- we’ve missed you lads!

As always: no cover charge and Tadhg’s witty repartee is thrown in for free!


Frank Gets Wi-Fi

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Free Wi-Fi for all… from now!


‘Square Pegs’ on April 22nd

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Filling in for the legendary Left Right and Centre…

Now we’ve been here before (as the 7th Sons). This is John Quearneys young fellah and the musical blood runs deep.

Make a date in your diary – worth hearing.


St. Patricks & Cheltenham Week 2010

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Tuesday 16th to Saturday 20th March

Cheltenham Racecourse (thanks to Ed Storm http://knol.google.com/k/ed-storm/paddy-power-gold-cup/2n17ys8tpalr3/8)Open from 12 noon every day for the races – join us for snacks and toasties plus the house special creamy pints of Guinness – served all day and all of the night.

Tuesday 16th:

A one-off special – Left, Right and Centre will be playing their own special recipe of blues and soul with a dash of rock ‘n’ roll starting after 9 o’clock.
Late opening to 12:30

Wednesday 17th:Paddy's Day Shamrocks

Paddy’s Day – ’nuff said
Late opening to 12:30

Thursday 18th:

Have-a-cure day – no Left, Right and Centre today (did ya not get enough on Tuesday?)

Friday 19th:

Get ready for…

Saturday 20th:Championship winners in 2009 (thanks to http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/4Klayn7bdhpEY4_70UBzhA)

Six Nations “Super Saturday”:

Wales v Italy (Millennium Stadium) @ half two
Ireland v Scotland (Croke Park) @ five
France v England (Stade de France) @ a quarter to eight

And by the way, would the vandal who defaced our art in the gents please make himself known… WE LOVE IT!



A Very Young Noel Bridgeman

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Remember: You can catch Noel Bridgeman here every Thursday.

With thanks to Neil Toner Jnr for discovering our not-so mystery guest. Check out Noel from 1971 with Skid Row (Gary Moore, Noel Bridgeman and Brush Shiels) playing ‘An Awful Lot Of Woman’:

and another with Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy in 1969.

Remember you can catch Noel and Left Right and Centre every Thursday evening at 9pm!


Happy Christmas!

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Three things:

  1. Left, Right & Centre take a break from their Thursday night slot – they need Christmas too…
  2. They will be back for a mega New Years Eve bash on (you guessed it) New Years Eve…
  3. Have a great holiday!

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