Gerry Lee Lewis’ Doctor Visit

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Spotted By Locals – Frank Ryans makes 10 of the best in Europe

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In SpottedByLocals.com, Damien Byrne has us as one of Europe’s 10 rockin’ rock bars. Nothing we or our punters didn’t know already of course!

Thanks Damien.


Clarence Winter & Band – One Night Only

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Clarence Winters & Band

Thursday 20th September @ 9:30pm:

You may remember Ed McGinley Clarence Winters from such gigs as “guesting for Pete Cummins and Ger Kiely”… well, Clarence returns for one night only with guests:

Catherine Fitzgerald
John Lalor &
Anthony D’Arcy

Check out Clarence Winters on Facebook for more information.

As usual kick-off is at 9:30 and pre-match pre-gig drinks all evening.





Happy Birthday Keith Moon

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He would have been 66 last Thursday (23rd).

Sounds obvious, but news of poor auld Keiths demise has still to filter through to come circles (see Olympics Organizers Ask Keith Moon to Play Closing Ceremony)


Tom Waits – Hell Broke Luce

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Just can’t get enough Tom Waits:


Left Right & Centre with Frank Meade – 02/08/2012

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So Ed mentions casually that a friend of his is dropping in and that he’s a great sax and harmonica player. Of course it being Ed’s usual understated style, we didn’t expect the treat we were in store for.

Frank Meade squeezed himself in the middle of the  stage and we had a Guinness record for the smallest area you could shoehorn a five price band into.

Thanks Frank, and drop in any time (please)! Read more…


Smiley Bolger drops in

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Tadgh and Smiley

Spotted in Ryans…

Smiley Bolger dropped in to check out Left, Right and Centre last Thursday. Drop in and see what the fuss is about Dublin’s best kept secret…


Just a Normal Thursday Night in Frank Ryans

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Join Us!


Classic Buddy Rich on the Muppet Show

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An oldie but a great one… again courtesy of Mojo Magazine… Buddy Rich plays the Muppet Show.

From Muppet Wiki:

Buddy Rich: “The thing that’s good about it is; I felt like a Muppet myself; I was like a kid, playing with those guys, because that’s how they made me feel. Then, of course, the battle at the end with Animal; to play opposite Ronnie Verrell—one of my all-time favorite drummers, along with Kenny Clare—was a total gas to me. That one week will go down as one of the most positive weeks in my career. I loved it—and I thank them.”


Tom Waits hits the boards

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Courtesy of Mojo Magazine… Jesse Dylan (son-of-a-Bob) directs Tom  Waits

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